Jetpack forever in No Man's Sky with this tip


Jetpack forever in No Man's Sky with this tip

No Man's Sky is a huge game, pretty much too big to comprehend with over 19 quintillion planets to potentially explore. You'll never visit them all.

Getting around happens in a bunch of different ways including flying in your spaceship and ambling around on the surface of whatever globe you've landed on but one of the most fun has to be the jetpack.

You have this item from the start of the game and it can be improved for greater flying time, helping you launch off at faster than walking speed and providing the only real way to navigate anything taller than a tiny bump in the ground.

And it's even more powerful than we thought as there's a way to use the jetpack forever. So long as you're pressed up against an object in the world, you can just hold down the X button and you'll soar on a plume of gas for as long as you like.

This tip was confirmed by Hello Games fella Sean Murray in a blog post:

"If you believe you are stuck, or can’t reach your ship, be aware you can jetpack forever whilst pushing against any surface"

Now the info is there to help out players who have become stranded out of reach of their ship, which is a huge worry especially on planets that have a corrosive atmosphere. This method can get you out of a deep hole or on top of a large structure to get back to your craft. And it's also a great way to just get around and see the sights for yourself.

One thing you really shouldn't forget about though is fall damage which is pretty unforgiving. Always keep some juice in the jetpack for a few bursts as you get close to the ground when coming down from a height.

Jetpack forever in No Man`s Sky with this tip on
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