John Boyega wants Star Wars story DLC


John Boyega wants Star Wars story DLC

Star Wars Battlefront has Hoth, and Luke and shedloads of lasers but it's missing one pretty important thing - a story. And it looks like even a stormtrooper has noticed.

Star Wars the Force Awakens actor John Boyega - who plays former trooper Finn in the film - has been playing the game and had this to say to EA.

@EAStarWars Will fans get a full on offline story mode? It's more of an enjoyable way to learn controls.

The response was pretty swift and suggested that the actor try the Missions in the game - which can be played in single player with waves of enemies. But it's not the same, and Boyega said it left him wanting more... before promptly asking if he can visit the UK office of the developer. Naturaly they said yes.

Of course this doesn't mean that a story mode is in the works and it's very unlikely anything like this will ever happen for Battlefront. However, EA does have the license for Star Wars games for some time to come, and we know they have some story driven titles in the works.

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