Just when you thought Call of Duty Might Have Grown A Personality…


Just when you thought Call of Duty Might Have Grown A Personality…

Global terrorist attack.
Private Military Company.
Largest standing military.
Foreign sovereign soil.
Congressional approval.
Internationally registered.

These are the buzzwords to take away from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first major trailer. If you’re not yet asleep, let’s also take a moment to stress how Kevin Spacey’s likeness only exists here to spout terms like “Power” and “Congress” so that our reptilian brains kick into overdrive and think,

Sound like House of Cards.
Me like House of Cards.
Me like this.

It’s such a shame that a series already saturated with militarisms decided to shake things up, not with some desperately needed humour or personality, but with a hefty dose of geo-politics and private sector vocab. Thanks Sledgehammer and Activision, I was sick to death of having likeable characters talk like actual f**king people in my games anyway!

It’s a damned shame and missed opportunity to boot given how cool the core-gameplay looks. Yes, it could all still be on the rails. And yes, I realize even the use of the term ‘could’ in the last sentence was wildly optimistic. But smooth 60fps iron sighting paired with grappling hooks, jetpacks, EXO-suits, smart grenades, knife-fights and using torn off car doors as shields could make for a fairly thrilling shooter.

The game is not out yet. I should not judge. But for some reason, arguably some brain flatulence, after ten consecutive iterations in ten consecutive years, part of me though this series had finally grown a personality.

Fool me once. Shame on you.
Fool me literally ten times in a row…

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on November 4th. You already know if you’re buying it or avoiding like the plague.


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