Kelly Hu is Whisper Lo Pan in Firefly Online


Kelly Hu is Whisper Lo Pan in Firefly Online

It was previously announced that Kelly Hu would be part of the cast of Firefly Online but now we have a quick video interview and a character reveal.

The actress has starred in films like The Scorpion King and X-Men 2 as well as successful TV runs on Warehouse 13, Hawaii Five-0 and Castle in recent years and has appeared in games like Sleeping Dogs and Battlefield Hardline. She's putting her vocals to use this time as the character of Whisper Lo Pan - a pretty evil crime lord who will making trouble for you and your crew.

Hu joins a voice cast which includes many of the crew from the original Firefly TV show and movie Serenity for a game which lets you pilot your own ramshackle tub around the black in search of fame and fortune. Or enough food to last to the next spaceport. You'll take on missions, build your crew and outfit your ship in all kinds of shiny, all set in the blackness of the verse.

You can see a longer version of the interview with Kelly Hu and get a look at the world of Firefly Online with the Cortex, a pretty fancy platform featuring behind the scenes material and collectibles to get you in the mood for the full release.

Firefly Online will be available on PC by Summer 2015.

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