Kickstarter project makes players donate blood when shot in-game


Kickstarter project makes players donate blood when shot in-game

Gamers better up their skills if they plan to use the Blood Sport gaming accessory, as it will draw blood from players when they are hurt in-game.

Blood Sport is currently a Kickstarter project seeking $250,000 by January 3rd, 2015. The project, according to the pitch, takes the consequences of the gaming world and makes them affect you in real life. When you lose blood in the game, you lose it in real life too.

This sounds absolutely terrifying, but the project has some positive aims. The multi-player unit will be brought on tour for blood donation gaming events. The gaming hardware, as a result, will get gamers thinking about more important issues while enjoying their hobby. Blood Sport hopes to partner with organisations in the medical and gaming communities to bring it to life.

Blood Sport uses the same electric signal that is sent to rumble packs to turn on the blood collection system. The Arduino Board keeps the signal going to the blood collection system and also tracks how much blood is being taken. This is to ensure that death in-game doesn’t have any tragic real-world connotations.

Blood Sport is seeking $250,000 and plans to go on tour in March, 2015. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details.

Kickstarter project makes players donate blood when shot in-game on
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