Kill Gary Busey in Hitman now


Kill Gary Busey in Hitman now

There's an extra special elusive target for Hitman which just went live, and this one is going to hang around for a full seven days.

The target is none other than actor Gary Busey, you know the utterly insane fella who had a wet t-shirt style fight with Mel Gibson on a front lawn in the first Lethal Weapon film.

You basically forgot that fight happened, didn't you?

Anyway a few months back the folks behind Hitman set up a campaign to vote for which Gary you'd like to kill in the game - Gary Cole or Gary Busey. It was a pretty weird promo but kind of a fun idea and despite being pretty quiet about it in the intervening months the results are in, and you all want to put a bullet in Busey.

There's no word on how the voting panned out but we're going to go ahead and assume that more people had heard of Busey and also thought he might be a dangerous mentaller who needs to be removed from this world. Anyway the elusive target is live now and he's going to be hanging out in Sapienza for a full week, sunning himself and waiting to meet his maker. Or explode you.
Oh and there's also more new stuff for you Hitman fans, with extra missions just for the summer.

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