Kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in Hitman


Kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole in Hitman

The latest Hitman game may have had a convoluted development but the latest online campaign is pretty much genius.

You see, Hitman can serve up actual contracts within the game world which can be added over time, and the developers are mixing it up by letting you choose who to kill. It turns out the target is definitely going to be called Gary, and you'll have to decide which one kicks the bucket in spectacular fashion.

Here's the video featuring actual actors Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon) and Gary Cole (American Gothic). It's pretty darn hilarious.

You just head to the site chooseyourhit and find out more about these two potential targets, including their own video and more to come. Then share who you'd like to kill on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus (snigger). Fancy stuff in the background will count up all the votes and we'll get to take on a special contract to murder one of these folks in Summer 2016. Presumably it will come with some voice acting from the guys themselves, hopefully containing some utter craziness from Busey. He has no other mode.

For that reason alone we're going to be voting to Kill Busey but the developers overall should be applauded for a genuinely funny campaign.

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