Killer Instinct Adding 8 New Characters


Killer Instinct Adding 8 New Characters

Looks like Killer Instinct will be getting some killer additions in its upcoming Season Two. Microsoft Studios has broughtin Iron Galaxy Studios to become the new developer of Xbox One brawler Killer instinct after Amazon's aquisition of original developer Double Helix.Iron Galaxy revealed during a Play XBLA stream that they had a lot of future plans for the game's Season Two.

Eight new characters will be introduced in Killer Instinct's second season. None of the new characters have been stated outright.Although the live stream hinted at the likes of Riptor, Cinder, Tusk, and T.J. Combo. Iron Galaxy discussed plans for the mentioned characters "if:" they were included in the game.

UltraTech leader Aria is now a confirmed addition. It looks like she is the final boss for the story mode of Season Two, and will also be playable.

Characters aren't all that Iron Galaxy is looking to add to Season Two. They are also hoping to add "Ultimates" and "No Mercy" features from the first two games in the series. These are planned to have previews during E3 in June.

The 6.8 GB title update Microsoft released earlier this month added Cyborg Knight Fulgore, the eighth and final character for the first season, as well as an Arcade Mode. It also added online lobbies that have eight player rooms, and an option for spectating so you don't miss the killer fights.

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