Killer Instinct DLC Still Planned for March


Killer Instinct DLC Still Planned for March
The clock is ticking, but Mircosoft says DLC is still on track...

Since Killer Instinct launched on Xbox One back in November, players have been crying out for a story mode to be added, and Microsoft duly obliged promising gamers that they'd have their hands on the new play mode, as well as another character addition in the guise of Fulgore, before the end of March. Well, it's now the 21st and there's still no sign of either addition to the brawler, however all is not lost and Microsoft say it's still on target to hit that self-imposed release date.

Speaking on the message board of website NeoGAF, Microsoft's creative director Adam Isgreen had the following to say:

We are still aiming for March for the big Fulgore/Story/Lobby release. Yes, that’s risky, because the update is chock full of content and we’re 13 days from April. I can only say we’re trying to land it. If we’re delayed out of March, it’s only because we’re being extra-careful to find and address any issues with this major content update.

The Fulgore trailer is coming together nicely, too. Needs a few tweaks, but it’s close, and damn he’s fun to play.

So, things are still looking promising, but time most certainly isn't on the side of Isgreen and his team, so hopefully they can pull it out of the bag and ensure we're all enjoying some Fulgore flavoured story mode fun within the next couple of weeks.

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