Kinect-Free Xbox One Launching in June


Kinect-Free Xbox One Launching in June
Consumer pressure finally works...

Although many saw it as a no-brainer, it has taken Microsoft almost a year to realise that offering a version of the Xbox One without Kinect is a good idea. The company will launch the new, Kinect-free, Xbox One next month, with the price taking a drop down to $399/€399, which Microsoft will be hoping can help increase sales and close the gap between its console and Sony's PlayStation 4.

Since the announcement of the Xbox One, the Kinect sensor has been a major issue for many, but Microsoft had previously held firm in its belief that the peripheral was key to the system's future. That doesn't look to be the case any more, however, as its removal will certainly raise question marks over its future.

It's now highly unlikely that too many developers are going to want to put the time and money into developing Kinect-enabled Xbox One titles, given that the majority of new buyers from June onwards are probably going to opt for the cheaper option without the motion sensor - although given the relative dearth of titles for the platform since November, it's unlikely that too many tears will be shed by gamers.

What do you think? Was the Kinect a massive waste of everyone's time or do you actually use yours for more than just turning your console on and off?

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