Life is Strange Episode 2 Delayed


Life is Strange Episode 2 Delayed

Dontnod Entertainment certainly went in a different direction for their second game, with Life is Strange unfolding as a contemplative, episodic adventure title. But like 2013's Remember Me, there remains a refreshing focus on a female protagonist and some interesting, time-bending mechanics.

The first episode of Life is Strange - titled Chrysalis -debuted in January 2015 to fairly strong reviewsand the developers originally envisaged releasing each of the next four chapters every six weeks. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore, as episode 2 - Out of Time - has been delayed with no further work on a release date as yet.

Square Enix is publishing the game and a representative confirmed to Destructoid that the game will not make its proposed mid March deadline. No further information was forthcoming, though this comes just a few short weeks after an unfinished version of episode 2 was leaked online, much to the dismay of the developers.

Episodic videogame development is becoming increasingly popular for financial reasons - you basically get the chance to earn money to continue development on parts of the game - but it has rarely been a smooth process. Most developers have struggled to hit deadlines, and some have taken years to appear, as is the case with Double Fines Broken Age.

Hopefully the delay for Life is Strange won't be anywhere near as long. More news as we get it.

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