Limited edition game art goes on sale


Limited edition game art goes on sale
Mass Effect and Mirror's Edge featured in digital prints
Whether games are art or not is a subject that could be debated for days, but by default art from games is art. If you are looking to start or add to your collection, art dealership Cook & Becker has original digital fine art prints from Mass Effect and Mirror’s Edge for sale. These productions are in conjunction with both BioWare and DICE, and aim “to celebrate the art and design of these seminal titles.”

The prints are museum-grade Certified Art Giclees, meant to present the digitally created concept art in the best possible quality. The pieces are aimed at contemporary art collectors and enthusiasts. The Mass Effect art bears the signature of Mass Effect's art director Derek Watts, lead writer Mac Walters and executive producer Casey Hudson, and are numbered. Meanwhile, Mirror´s Edge art director Johannes Söderqvist’s signature adorns the Mirror’s Edge pieces.

All giclees from both collections come with a signed, dated and numbered Certificate of Authenticity plus a lifelong warranty to the original buyer. Just as well because these pieces do not come cheap. The Mirror’s Edge pieces range from $235 to $500 for example, but they are spectacular works of art. The higher priced items are larger. Many of the Mass Effect pieces cost $325, while the large image of The Team costs $2,500. Maybe Santa will be nice to us this year. The full catalogue can be found on Cook & Becker's official website.

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