Mad Max game trailer - survive the Wasteland


Mad Max game trailer - survive the Wasteland

Mad Max - orMax Rockatansky if you want to get technical - is a character which has existed since the first film directed by Aussie George Miller all the way back in 1979, appearing in two further sequels starring Mel Gibson and set for a reboot with Tom Hardy. But he's never been in a video game. Until now.

The very simply titled Mad Max is set for release in September 2015, which means its arriving several months after the newly minted sequel. And we're ok with that, as it frees the game from having to reference the movie, letting it build up its own mythology. In this extended gameplay trailer you can see the mechanics at work.

Honestly, given the terrible reputation movie adaptations have, we were expecting something a lot less interesting from this game but developers Avalanche (who made the Just Cause series) have put together a massive open world with factions, fighting and - of course - a lot of insane driving.

You get to create a unique car, naturally called your Magnum Opus, and tool around on a quest for vengeance. The car combat looks intense, with some help from a mysterious passenger who sits on the back and uses weapons and also helps you explore the world. Right now the hand to hand combat is looking a little stiff but we're hoping for something similar to what exists in the Batman Arkham series.

It's all looking quite tasty indeed.

Mad Max is on PS4, Xbox One and PC in September 2015.

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