Mad Max game trailer - this Savage Road tells a different tale


Mad Max game trailer - this Savage Road tells a different tale

Mad Max Fury Road is in cinemas now and its very mad indeed but that doesn't mean the upcoming game is going to follow the same path.

In fact, developers Avalanche Studios (who also made the Just Cause games) are keen to ensure that the two properties remain quite distinct, with a unique story - crafted with some help from creator George Miller - a different look and voice actor and unique gameplay.

The first story trailer is here, check it out.

Right now, it's looking most impressive indeed. Rather than another generic car game, the team has put a lot of effort into creating an on-foot element which seems to have plenty of content, and supplements the gameplay with an second character called Chumbucket who is an ally and will help you to create your new car.

It isn't explored in the trailer, but new game previews are filtering out onto the web today, talking about the various systems at play in the game. There will be a local warlord who you are trying to take down and you can do missions for various factions which will lower his control in the area. Different factions gift you with different upgrades for your new car - the Magnum Opus - so you can decide how you want to play.

It's looking like a lot of familar enough elements but if they're all put together well then this is a game which could manage to create its own unique personality, even in light of its immensely entertaining film sibling.

Mad Max is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC from the 1st of September 2015.

Mad Max game trailer - this Savage Road tells a different tale on
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