Mario Kart 8's Animal Crossing DLC will launch this month


Mario Kart 8's Animal Crossing DLC will launch this month

Nintendo last night announced that Mario Kart 8’s Animal Crossing-themed downloadable content will be released on April 23rd.

The DLC will add new characters - Villager, Isabelle and Dry Bowser - along with new vehicles, including the City Tripper and Streetle. Everyone was entertained by Luigi’s death stare, so we can’t wait to see the Villager in action, especially when you consider the memes that have cropped up around him.

There will be an Animal Crossing track, which will be available in four seasonal varieties. And if you’re looking for a more extended challenge, the Crossing and Bell Cups will also be added.

Finally, a new difficulty mode will arrive at the same time as the DLC. 200cc mode will up the speed of Mario Kart 8, introduces a new higher tier of karts, and increases the challenge, just in case you were finding it too easy to get out of the range where blue shells would cost you.

Check out the trailer below to see the Animal Crossing-themed DLC in action.

Mario Kart 8`s Animal Crossing DLC will launch this month on
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