Marvel Wants to Change Approach to Games


Marvel Wants to Change Approach to Games
Less titles on the way, but higher quality planned...

In a bid to make video games bearing the Marvel branding better reflect the approach taken on the big screen, the company has decided it needs to change the way it approaches video games in the future. That's according to Marvel's vice president of production for games, TQ Jefferson, who spoke with website Polygon following the announcement of Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes earlier this week.

Marvel's overall success in film and TV and other lines of business, means that Marvel is now attracting better partners in the gaming space. We're talking to people now who have strong vision and great teams that can actually execute, and we're not as concerned with hitting a date and wanting to hold out for quality and have things go out when we're ready.

We are looking at smarter, more interconnected experiences, more interconnected narrative. If you've been to our panels, you've heard me talk about the Marvel Gaming Universe, how the game's exist in their own continuity, how they share elements from other games and they're working along the same story lines - or they're at least aware of each other. We are evolving how we're approaching our games and how we're building out ouruniverse.

The fact that Marvel has identified gaming as potentially key to the future of its franchises is definitely good news, while the decision to move towards an interconnected gaming universe, just like the way the movies all interact with each other in terms of narrative, setting and character, is definitely promising for future games.

As for who Jefferson was talking about when he spoke of attacting "better partners in the gaming space", that's anyone's guess, but we hope it's not a dig at Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games, because their work on the Lego Marvel Superheroes was exemplary.

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