Mass Effect Minecraft is Coming!


Mass Effect Minecraft is Coming!
Universes collide! Things get built!
Every time is seems like the interest in Minecraft is starting to wane, something new keeps it in the public consciousness for that little bit longer. Whether is a mobile version of a new fully fledged console take on the game, people just can't stop playing the thing.

And now, there's yet another reason to go back to Mojang's crazy sandbox world. They've teamed up with BioWare and Microsoft to bring all new content to the Xbox 360 version of the game. Witness the MassEffect Minecraft Mash-UpPack!

That's right, you can now jump into Minecraft in a specially created MassEffect skin with all new world building elements and all the sound of the amazing score from BioWare's Mass Effect 3!

This looks set to be just the first of many mash-ups to bring new life to the Minecraft universe.

The Mass Effect Minecraft Mash-up pack is set to debut on September 4th for around €4/$4.

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