Massive Star Citizen leak - 40 gigs of assets found


Massive Star Citizen leak - 40 gigs of assets found

Star Citizen is big. Really, really big.

Like space is big, only this time it was crowd funded to the tune of $83.1 million and counting. There are currently almost 900,000 Star Citizens who have funded that game. Which still boggles the mind.

The game doesn't have a release date yet and it's likely we won't see anything resembling a finished product for some time yet so naturally fans are rabid for any new information. But they may have gotten more than they bargained for with the latest news, as 40 gigs of assets have leaked online.

A partial link was released by someone from developer Cloud Imperium Games which resulted in the files being available as a torrent for a short time. A couple of enterprising sorts - with fast internet connections - managed to grab them before the leak was plugged and now they're poring over the details.

It seems some of the massive data was the code behind a huge Bengal Carrier ship from the game. The data came from the CryEngine development software so was initially unreadable until it was compiled by the program. That said, the version of the software used to create this model was the consumer version and the vid itself confirms that this might not be what the final in game model looks like.

Here's the video.

Still, the detail is impressive, considering this is just one ship in a whole universe and that it's still unfinished. In the final version, you'll be able to walk around the entire space and take a crew to man all the important position in the Carrier ship.
It's going to be just a little bit big.
Star Citizen is coming out... sometime. Probably.

Massive Star Citizen leak - 40 gigs of assets found on
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