Metal Gear Survive is very different- and people aren't happy


Metal Gear Survive is very different- and people aren't happy

Konami may have canned Hideo Kojima after the release of Metal Gear Solid V but they managed to retain the name and the license for the long running franchise, and they haven't waited long to put it to use.

Here's the trailer for Metal Gear Survive.

Well that's a bit different...

Survive seems to be a co-op shooter with a four person crew fighting back against a whole bunch of weird looking zombie things. There are a couple of glimpses of familar character models at the start but the rest looks like a generic, if attractive, third person action game.

Now there's no reason to assume it will be bad, but using the name is likely to anger more fans than it draws in. Right now this video has been massively downvoted, and the more polite comments seem confused as to how this was allowed to happen. It doesn't help that this type of game has already been made so many times before.

Metal Gear Survive is set for release some time in 2017.

Metal Gear Survive is very different- and people aren`t happy on
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