MGS V: The Phantom Pain to Feature Fewer Cut Scenes


MGS V: The Phantom Pain to Feature Fewer Cut Scenes
Story will be driven through in-game interactions...

The next instalment in the Metal Gear Solid series, The Phantom Pain, will feature far less cut-scenes than any of its more recent predecessors as Kojima Productions instead attempts to make the storytelling feel more organic, with in-game interactions driving the narrative. That's according to designer Jordan Amaro, who has gone on record as saying that the studio will be "reducing the amount of cutscenes" in the game.

Speaking with website Eurogamer, Amaro said:

When you are in our environments, you need to observe, use your binoculars, mark the guys and say, okay, what do I do now?" There's no obvious road.I would start working on missions using my westerner's knowledge. I was designing with the player as my main preoccupation. All I did was for the player, the player was at the centre of the game. And I was getting it all wrong, this goes against the vision for MGS5.

We get rid of all the narrative burdens, like, Sam Fisher or whoever has to go through this emotional state or has to reach that guy.We just go for non-dependent objectives, and we just get rid of all that narrative burden and just focus on what makes the mission good at the core level.

We hope to reveal Snake's character through the players' actions in those spaces that are smart to traverse. That's pure game storytelling, although it's still primal because the odds are what they are.

Originally slated for release at some stage in 2014, reports are now suggesting that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may not land until Q4 of 2015.

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