Minecraft Passes 12m Xbox 360 Sales


Minecraft Passes 12m Xbox 360 Sales
Almost on a par with PC sales to date...

Although many people wondered how it would make the transition from PC to console, Mojang's Minecraft has done pretty well on Xbox 360 to date, with Microsoft confirming late last week that the game had sold an astonishing 12 million copies on the platform, making it one of the most successful games ever released on the Xbox 360, and putting it just short of the 14.3 million units shifted to date on PC.

The game has provent to be something of a phenomenon since it debuted, and can now boast more than 1 million sales on PlayStation 3 to add to the impressive numbers elsewhere, with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions already in the works for launch later this year.

Speaking about the announcement, Mojang's Daniel Kaplan said:

It is pretty amazing! I remember when we started talking about sales numbers that we would be super happy to sell 1 million copies.That would have put us on par with BF1943 and Castle Crashers, which both are awesome games, so that was something to aim for. We never even dreamed of selling 12 million.

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