Monster Hunter 4 Success Boosts Capcom Financial Figures


Monster Hunter 4 Success Boosts Capcom Financial Figures
Dead Rising 3 also proves to be successful on Xbox One...

The latest gaming company to announce its year end financial figures is Capcom, and the company has had quite the year. Among the publisher's major successes in 2013 was Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3, which managed to shift an impressive 1.2 million copies for the fledgling console, making light of suggestions that platform exclusivity could have proven to be a bad judgment call.

As successful as Dead Rising 3 was, though, it was Monster Hunter 4 that proved to be the biggest hit for the company, with the game selling 4.1 million copies since it launched. Those figures place it at number six in the rankings of the best selling games of all time for the company, and with the title set to be released next year in the west, it's likely that those figures will see a major jump.

It wasn't all good news, though, as the mediocre Lost Planet 3 performed "below expectations" according to Capcom, with the company deciding to blame the high level of competition in the market outside of its home territory for the game's failure, rather than the fact that it just wasn'tvery good.

In total, the company posted a profit of $33.8 million for the year, which represents an increase of 15.9% on last year's numbers - a target that they'll be hoping to surpass this year with the launch of key titles including Deep Down and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

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