More Beyond Good and Evil 2 art hits!


More Beyond Good and Evil 2 art hits!

Well now. A couple of days ago game designer Michel Ancel posted a random piece of character art which looked like it belonged to the world of Beyond Good & Evil- a 2003 title which we're been waiting impatiently for a sequel to for more years than we care to count.

Now he's back with more stuff from that fantastical universe.

"Ready for the fight " independence #ubisoft day

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It's time for the rumours to go into overload as we ponder what Ancel is up to. Is he just throwing out renders from years ago which never managed to come together into an actual project or are we actually gearing up to an official annoucement.

Technically development on BG&E 2 was never totally stopped but we've never seen any officially released assets until now, and even these aren't coming directly from Ubisoft which still owns the property.

There is a major Ubisoft shareholder meeting today, and more information could be coming down the line.

There's hope yet fans!

More Beyond Good and Evil 2 art hits! on
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