Motion Sports


Motion Sports
Ubisoft Milan
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XBox 360
Sports Sim
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We mentioned that Kinect Adventures was a little underwhelming, so it’s a good thing that someone else, namely Ubisoft Milan, saw fit to develop a launch title to better showcase what the Kinect hardware is capable of. It would be hard to argue that this shouldn’t have been the bundled launch title of the software, but presumably Microsoft wanted to do something in house. The end result is that Motion ports outdoes Kinect Adventures in literally every sense, from the broader variety of games (with 45 different mini games - 39 of them multiplayer compatible - from six sports including American football, skiing, football and boxing) to the more responsive controls. If you’re looking for a well rounded Kinect launch title that offers a huge amount of variety and replayability, then look no further than Motion Sports.

9 Stars: Recommended
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