Mr Robot mobile game out now- be part of the story


Mr Robot mobile game out now- be part of the story

After some brief rumours Telltale Games has confirmed the existence of a Mr Robot game - and they've already gone and released it!

The game is for mobile platforms on iOS and Android and delivers a new angle on the story inside the show. You'll take part in events from the first season with a different perspective as someone who finds a phone which is essential to the cause of the hacker group fsociety.

That means falling deep into the rabbit hole through an instant messaging app designed by E Corp, where you'll have to interact with characters from the show and make decisions with far reaching consequences.

It looks really neat.

The idea of drawing you into a technological world works really well for the way the show works, and there's a lot of creative talent involved including the crew behind talkie adventure Oxenfree.

It all unfolds over a week as one of the major events of the first season unfolds- so you'll probably want to make sure you've seen it before then. But you should know that already, as its one of the most unique and interesting new shows around.

The Mr Robot game, called Mr.Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.apk, is out now on Google Play and iTunes for around €3.30.

Mr Robot mobile game out now- be part of the story on
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