Must Play Games of April 2014


Must Play Games of April 2014
April has all the games and it’s willing to share them with you. For a price… Which is fine, actually. No-body expected them to be free!

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
Armature Studios – 3DS, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, PC, Xbox 360 – April 1st

A trimmed down, less buggy, more palatable offering than its Triple A brother, Blackgate has finally snuck its way onto home consoles. While not a patch on its vaunted Rocksteady predecessors, any halfway decent chance to embody The Bat shouldn’t be sniffed at. Because guano.

Goat Simulator
Coffee Stain Studios – PC – April 1st

Since time immemorial, Man has envied the humble Goat’s penchant for mischief and latent indestructibility. But since man can never truly conquer Goat’s indomitable spirit, Coffee Stain Studios have crafted the next best thing.
GOTY? Maybe. Maybe not.
GGOTY*? Can there be any doubt?

(*Goat Game of the Year)

The Elder Scrolls Online
ZeniMax Online Studios – PC, OS X, - April 4th

For console generations (admittedly slighter than human generations) The Elder Scrolls franchise has been the very definition of the single player experience. And so to describe the decision to convert a formula so tested people feel almost obliged to gift it perfect scores into a subscription MMORPG (massive online game, not some manner of fantastical warthog as I initially thought) as a gamble is an understatement akin to ‘Ground Zeroes was a bit on the short side, eh Kojo?’
But hey! It worked out for The Old Republic… Right?

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – A Crooked Mile
Telltale Games – PC, Xbox 360, OS X, PS3, iOS, PS Vita – April 8th

I’m beginning to think Telltale can do no wrong. But concerning a series centred around fairytale beasts and red-tape administration, I’m particularly conscious about jinxing the whole thing! Still, the Wolf Among Us is going from strength to grizzly, snarling, fang riddled strength, cleverly fusing Private Dick shenanigans with disillusioned representations of our childhood heroes.
Plus the potty mouth don’t hurt none either!

War of the Vikings
Fatshark – PC – April 15th

A spiritual successor to the precision melee fighter and somewhat less awesomely named War of the Roses, once again the focus is on deftly braining other players in vast arenas with metallic lumps of varying sharpness. But this time there are Vikings. So I think I’ve sold this as much as is humanly possible now.

Zombie Studios – PS4, PC – April 29th

Though for my money (paltry sum though it may be) March’s Dark Souls II is the new and undisputed king of Survival Horror, publisher Atlus are willing to take a punt at the polar opposite. A first person, weaponless run-for-you-sodding-life horror which focuses as much on making the player involuntarily void their bladder than challenge their dexterity, may have a tough time convincing players of its worth.

Child of Light
Ubisoft Montreal – PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, WII U – April 30th

As unlikely as it is that developer giants Ubi Montreal would bother with the likes of quaint little artsy gem, Child of Light, the studio’s predictably polished production values shine through. A floaty 2D platformer, Child of Light bends into a turn-based RPG once it’s time to put the boot in. And with 600 crafting options and 200 upgrades to unlock, expect that steel toe to be fairly bloodied before the credits roll. It’s too early to tell if the house behind Far Cry 3 and Black Flag are intentionally ‘slumming it’ with Child of Light, but that launch trailer is pretty, convincing and pretty convincing.

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