Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Pursuing your attentions
Criterion Games
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XBox 360, PS3
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Welcome to glorious Seacrest County – home of lush forests, beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and the most dangerous drivers in the world. Here, the fastest cars come to strut their stuff in highly illegal fashion on the wide and perfectly contoured roads in vehicles so fast that no regular police force could catch them. The solution – kit out your cops with the best supercars taxes can buy. Players can be cops or speeders at any time – catching or evading in high octane races where aggressive driving is the order of the day. You won’t just trade some paint with your opponent, you’ll ride their slipstream before giving it a boost of nitrous and side-swiping them with a squeal of metal on metal – hoping for that mistake which will take them off the road in super slow motion. It adds a fun new flavour to a genre that can become repetitive and as you increase your bounty standings, you’ll earn new cars and later weapons like road blocks, spikes and EMPs which can give you the edge on the law or the outlaw. If you get tired of the single player, you can jump into Autolog – an exhaustive rank and stat engine that tracks everything you do and constantly compares it to the actions of friends and acquaintances. The wall keeps you up to date with everything, especially when your finest achievements are suddenly shattered. You can also team up with seven other players as cops or racers for the ultimate challenge. Meaty driving, spectacular crashes, stunning graphics and revolutionary online features make this the arcade racer to beat.

9 Stars: Recommended
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