NES Getting an Unofficial HD Remake


NES Getting an Unofficial HD Remake
1080p device will come at a hefty cost...

Analogue Interactive, a retro console manufacturer best known for its high end, customized systems which include a wooden SNK Neo Geo CMVS has announced a brand new addition to its hardware lineup: a 1080p capable version of the Nintendo Entertainment System that'll set you back a hefty $499.

Unlike some of the budget options available for retro fans, this is most definitely a premium product, which goes some way to explaining its premium price tag. For the money (which could get you a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, for the record), customers will get a slick single piece aluminum chassis with beautiful curves in all the right places, as well as four controller ports (the original system had just two), a full upscaler, which means no stretching to fit the screen, and even 1080p and 720p support for HD TVs. However, if you're planning on treating yourself, you might want to take note that you'll also need a $49 HDMI adapter to play at these resolutions.

The device is now available for pre-order over at the Analogue Interactive website, and will begin shipping this summer.

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