New Alien: Isolation CG Trailer Really Sells the Terror of Creeping Xenomorph Death


New Alien: Isolation CG Trailer Really Sells the Terror of Creeping Xenomorph Death

Alien: Isolation wants to terrify you.

The hands on impressions coming out of Gamescom are all about creeping dread, about not knowing what's around the corner and the sure knowledge that whatever it is, you're not prepared for it.

This all comes from one crazy but absolutely perfect idea - in Isolation, there's only one Alien. Forget blasting thousands of rounds at shadows in the dark and being backed up a crew of space marines, this game is going back to the beginning. Or rather, a little later - you'll play as none other than Amanda Ripley, the some of Ellen, who goes out into the deep black to find out what happened to her mother.

When Amanda arrives at a isolated space station called Sevastopol, she finds the place already in chaos after an attack my a mysterious creature. It's her job to survive long enough to esape and hopefully discover some truths about her mother along the way.

The masterstroke though it to pit players against a single unkillable beast. In Isolation, you'll have to sneak to survive, using a motion detector to see if the Alien creature is nearby and resorting to distraction or hiding in a closet when its close. You'll crouch inside, using a button combination to hold your breath and hope the next sound you hear isn't the hiss and strike of doom.

That feeling is captured brilliantly in the latest fully CG trailer.

There will also be more conventional enemies in the form of synthetics which have gone a bit loopy, but at least they can be killed by finding the components to create improvised explosives, Molotovs and more. This is real survival horror and its going to be great. And also potentially very frustrating for those used to a more action oriented approach.

We're getting shades of something like Call of Cthulhuoff this one...

Alien: Isolation launches on consoles and PC on the 7th of October 2014.

New Alien: Isolation CG Trailer Really Sells the Terror of Creeping Xenomorph Death on
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