New Batman game details revealed - be Bruce or Bat


New Batman game details revealed - be Bruce or Bat

Telltale Games have their sights set on a new property, bringing a digital version of Batman to the interactive screen.

That's incredible exciting and the first details have been revealed during a panel at SXSW. Firstly you'll get to play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne in this new title, and a good amount of time will be spent on the non-superhero version of the character. In keeping with the Telltale Games model, your actions will have a ripple effect on events to come, and in some cases something you do during the day as Bruce might change how things unfold for Batman later that night, or vice versa.

In addition, Telltale has said that you'll sometimes have to choose between playing as Bats or Bruce, which should make for a huge difference in specific scenes. The graphics will be a stylised take on the art of the last 75 years in the Bat-verse, with an enhanced engine, let's hope it runs a little faster these days.

Expect an M-rating - so we're guessing violence and harsh themes but probably no bad language - and plenty of familiar faces like Alfred, Vicki Vale and Jim Gordon. And we don't yet know anything about the villains but you can be sure someone iconic will be chosen for this first season.

The first of five episodes in the Batman series is expected to arrive before the end of summer 2016.

New Batman game details revealed - be Bruce or Bat on
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