New Call of Duty to be Unveiled on Sunday


New Call of Duty to be Unveiled on Sunday
Next gen consoles take development lead...

Activision and Sledgehammer Games are set to unveil the latest instalment in the long-running Call of Duty series this coming Sunday, May 4th. The game will mark Sledgehammer's debut as developer of a full title in the series, and the studio has claimed that the game will herald a "new era of Call of Duty" when it launches.

The series, which is the hottest property in the gaming industry, has broken just about every sales record in the book many times over, and this latest game will be the first time a title has seen the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One take the role of lead development platforms, with fans hoping for a revolution in the way the game looks, feels and plays following concerns that the series had grown a touch stagnant in recent years.

Earlier on this year, Activision confirmed that Sledgehammer Games would be taking up fully-fledgedevelopment duties for the series, joining CoD stalwarts Infinity Ward and Treyarch in a new three-year rotation, which would see each studio given as much time aspossible to build their own vision for each succcessive instalment. Up until this point, Infinity Ward and Treyarch had alternated, with each one releasing a game and then taking two years to work on the next one while the other stepped in.

The annual release of Call of Duty has drawn a lot of ire from some sections of the industry, but with the series making as much money as it does, Activision has been keen to keep it chugging along at one game per year.

New Call of Duty to be Unveiled on Sunday on
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