New details for Lords of the Fallen


New details for Lords of the Fallen
Revealed at Bandai Namco's Global Gamers Day 2014, Lords of the Fallen from developer City Interactive looks to be an intense and unique take on action-RPGs, combining elements of strategy and puzzle-solving alongside demon-slaying combat.

Set in a world where mankind has overthrown the evil god that once ruled over them, Lords of the Fallen tells the story of a criminal-turned-hero named Harkyn who has been charged with defending mankind against the forces of evil that are once again encroaching on their world. Following the defeat of the Fallen God, mankind adopted the belief that any and all evil can be similarly defeated, including the evil that lie in mankind. Convinced of this ability to purge humanity of its evils, those in power created a codex that outlines all of the sins that a man can commit. In order to identify those harboring evil deeds in their past, criminals were tattooed with runes on their faces that indicate the sins they have committed. As the Fallen God begins once more to seek dominance over humanity, it becomes apparent that they are no longer equipped to fight the evil that they have attempted to purge from their world. Naturally, humanity reacts by attempting to fight fire with fire and a search for the world's most sinful man, who can be indentified by the rune tattoos covering his entire face. Named Harkyn, this anti-hero is forced into the conflict and must use the powers of evil to halt the invading forces of the Fallen God.

Lords of the Fallen makes use of three classes, which the player selects one of at the beginning of the game. These three classes include warrior, cleric and rogue, with each specializing in one of the game's three major stats: strength, intelligence and agility. Boasting a huge array of weapons and armor that can be combined with specific abilities or strategies, Lords of the Fallen is a game about learning what works best for you. A warrior, for example, is not limited to using strength-based weapons and might instead choose to utilize agility-based equipment such as claws in order to defeat a specific enemy who is too fast to be killed with slower weapons. Alternatively, a cleric might choose to wear mostly strength-based gear while still fighting with an intelligence-based weapon like a staff.

Each new enemy type that the player encounters will require them to learn that opponent's attacks and timing so that the next time they are encountered, the player can effectively deal with them again. This is a crucial part of the gameplay in Lords of the Fallen, as even the most basic enemies can easily kill a player who doesn't adapt their moves to suit the enemy they are facing. Obviously, this becomes even more true with the game's many boss battles, which will often require the player to invent a specific strategy to deal with that encounter. Because of this, Lords of the Fallen can be a punishing game to play, forcing the player to try a variety of tactics before finally overcoming difficult enemies.

Gamers can expect to see Lords of the Fallen available sometime later this year and will be released on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For more information on Lords of the Fallen, visit their website right here. Take a gander at the trailer below too.

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