New Fable game launches on Kickstarter today


New Fable game launches on Kickstarter today

Fable isn't dead - there's a new game launching a Kickstarter campaign today!

Now before you get too excited this won't be exactly the same game as before, but a team of former Lionhead developers are set to bring it to life. The Kickstarter will be for a Hearthstone-like card game called Fable Fortune.

The team has managed to wrest the franchise from Microsoft for this title, so it will be able to use the name and the lore of the series to date. And otherwise you'll be matching decks and cards in PvP battles with some fancy 3D graphics and the odd bit of RPG stuff.

IGN got to have a play of an early version, and it's already looking pretty polished.

The game is going to be free-to-play so you won't be just getting a copy of the title as one of the rewards. There will be forum access and a look at an early version which you can download, and we're expecting there will also be some fancy physical rewards which you'll wait years for.

There will also be stretch goals to add more content and up the production value. The funding goal is £250,000 (€330,000) but the team will hoping to make more than that, drawing on fan devotion and the popularity of card games.

Expect to see the campaign pop up on Kickstarter on the evening of the 31st of May, and the game should arrive in early 2017.

New Fable game launches on Kickstarter today on
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