New Features Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online


New Features Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online
New storylines, characters, justice system and more on the way...

The console versions of Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios' MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online may have been delayed by six months last week, but the team shows no sign of taking its focus away from the existing PC version, with developers confirming that there's a whole host of new features being worked on right now.

Among the rumoured features set to be added in the future are a brand new justice system that'll (hopefully) add a whole new level of depth to the gameplay, and make non-playable characters a touch more interesting into the bargain. When the updated is added, players will be able to steal items from NPCs, but they'll hae to be mindful of the ramafications should they be caught, as the game will punish them accordingly, affecting their in-game reputation among other things.

Additionally, some all-new content is on the way, with quests coming for the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild to bolster an already impressive array of missions. Those of you in need for a greater challenge will be able to tackle veteran dungeons with the difficulty cranked right the way up, an armour dying system will be added to help with customization, and an entire new region will be added for Craglorn.

Speaking at the official blog of The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax said of the proposed updates:

For most of these, we don’t know yet which update they’ll be in, but they’re under active development right now.The important thing for you, the community, to know is that we’re looking at ALL the feedback (from critics and from players), we’re addressing any shortcomings, and we’ll continue to do so.This game will get better and better every week

So although no date has been announced for the updates' release, you can probably expect them sooner rather than later, which is good news for adventurers everywhere (until you take an arrow to the knee, of course).

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