New Hitman elusive target is here - go get him!


New Hitman elusive target is here - go get him!

The new Hitman game continues to be released an episode at a time, and reports are it's getting better with each passing month.

Partly that's down to a drip feed of new content including special Elusive Targets. These are challenges which give you a person to kill in a specific level with a number of interesting limitations. It only lasts for 48 hours and you can only kill them once. Plus if you die in the attempt, they get away and you fail.

It's a great set up and the third elusive target is live right now. Are you ready to get The Prince?

It's a potential papal candidate with a grubby past who is stopping off in the fictional Italian idyll of Sapienza. You'll only get one chance to take him out and there's definitely a suggestion that the small church would be your best bet, while he's deep in prayer, but the beauty of Hitman is that you can do whatever you want.

So get into the level, take a look around, plan carefully and strike when at the perfect moment. You only get one shot and then he's gone for good.

New Hitman elusive target is here - go get him! on
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