New Humble Bundle has 6 great games for a fiver!


New Humble Bundle has 6 great games for a fiver!

Thelatest Humble Indie Bundle is here, it's number 14 if you've been keeping track!

There are a total of 7 games already confirmed, and you can get three of them for any price you want. Yes that includes a single cent, but you won't want to be that mean because the whole point of Humble Bundle is that you can also give cash to great charity causes with minimal effort on your part. To that end, you can get a further three games once you hit the average amount - which is under $6 at the time of writing. So you'd be a horrible person not to give them a little more.

Bump your donation up to $10 and you'll get the great remake of Shadow Warrior with extra added content and go all out at $40 to get a t-shirt and stuff.

Remember to adjust the sliders at the bottom between the developers (who are a kind of charity) the actual charity and the tip for the Humble folks themselves. Shadow Warrior in particular is a lot of fun and costs €44.99 for the special edition, which also includes new weapons, a digital artbook and the soundtrack. Shiver fans will get a kick out of Outlast and Torchlight is pretty much a perfect hack and slashing RPG.

So get on over and help charity.

New Humble Bundle has 6 great games for a fiver! on
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