New PlayStation Christmas deal is live


New PlayStation Christmas deal is live

It's Christmas, and that means bountiful treats for one and all.

Sony PlayStation is getting on that action with the return of their 12 Deals of Christmas, offering a new discount every 48 hours until the big day itself. The first game on offer was Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain on PS4 and PS3 for half off - which was a pretty great way to start. And we have to admit their follow up isn't too shabby either.

Right now on the PSN store you can get recent title Mad Max for half price - that's just €34.99 for a pretty new game. Click here to view the page.

Mad Max released back in September and was surprising for a number of reasons - starting with the fact that it pretty much chose to ignore the blockbuster movie event that was Fury Road. Instead it had its own story and a different vision of Max, and also came out a few months after George Miller's opus. The other surprise was that it was actually pretty good.

Now the story isn't up to much, we admit, the the hand to hand combat is enjoyably gritty and flinging your car around the wastes somehow never gets old. There's a lot to do out there in the desert, even if it is all pretty samey, and so much stuff to collect and upgrade that you always feel busy. In short, it's a great title for whiling away some hours over the holiday season, especially for fans of driving titles.

A new deal will go live at midnight on the 5th of December, so stay tuned!

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