New Witcher 3 images are gorgeous


New Witcher 3 images are gorgeous

The Witcher 3 is already one of the best games around, and it's set to get even better with a major expansion before the middle of 2016.

Blood and Wine will offer at least 20 hours of additional story, which means closer to 30 or 40 hours of actual rambling around, in an entirely new area of the world. Toussaint is a gorgeous, south of France looking place which is a lot less gloomy than the haunts we've seen so far.

There's not a lot of word as yet on what we'll be doing in these parts as Geralt of Rivia but these new screenshots suggest its going to be all very pretty indeed.

So now we know there will be sunflowers, tents, creepy worms and lovely ladies - sounds like a Witcher game alright!

And through it all is Geralt, just trying to figure out what to do while the world is trying to kill him or rob something from him or otherwise make his life difficult. You can expect new abilities, characters, weapons, collectibles and powers when the game launches.

A rumour suggested early June as a release date but that's yet to be confirmed. And there may be more Witcher goodies from CD Project RED in the future too.

New Witcher 3 images are gorgeous on
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