New Zelda game will miss new Nintendo console launch


New Zelda game will miss new Nintendo console launch

Zelda Breath of the Wild is certainly the most anticipated launch title for the new Nintendo Switch... but it's no longer a launch game.

News from inside Nintendo suggests that there's plenty more work to be done on Zelda, with conservative estimates at a summer 2017 release date.

To be fair, Breath of the Wild was never confirmed as a launch title for the Switch but it seemed like a perfect opportunity to show off what the console can do, and to get extra players interested. As an entirely new piece of kit, it was going to be interesting to see the kind of graphics the Switch can push.

This news isn't official but it does beg the question of what will now be pushed as a major launch title for the platform. The Nintendo Switch trailer did show off some footage of a Mario game, which seems like a safe bet. There's also Skyrim, which is a five year old title and we're still a bit confused over why it was used.

We'll have more news in January 2017.

New Zelda game will miss new Nintendo console launch on
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