Next Battlefield 4 DLC Leaked?


Next Battlefield 4 DLC Leaked?
Dragon's Teeth DLC content found in game files...

The next piece of Battlefield 4 downloadable content, Dragon's Teeth, has apparently been busted open, with information surfacing on the net over the weekend focusing on the pack's supposed content. According to users on Reddit and Symthic who examined files in the latest PC update for the game, the DLC is set to add five new guns, as well as a machine-gunning, rocket-launching robot that can be remotely controlled by users.

The five new guns are said to be the Desert Eagle handgun, Unica 6 Magnum handgun, SIG MPX submachine gun, SRSS Bulldog 762 assault rifle and McMillan CS5 sniper rifle.

A video created by YouTube user DANNYonPC, which you can view below, shows off some of the weapon details.

Other information including in the leak include an increase in the maximum level cap of the game to 130, and the arrival of four new maps, Marketplace, Waterfront, Urban Garden and Propaganda.

Dragon's Teeth for Battlefield 4 will launch later this summer.

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