Next Gen Console Sales Expected to Hit 30m By March 2015


Next Gen Console Sales Expected to Hit 30m By March 2015
Ubisoft CEO expecting big things in the next 12 months...

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has claimed that he believes Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales combined will break the 30 million mark as early as next March in a call with investors yesterday.

So far, both systems have managed to sell in excess of 10 million units combined, which makes Guillemot's projections very likely, especially given the fact that the holiday period is traditionally the busiest of the year when it comes to hardware sales.

The two consoles' predecessors have currently sold around 170 million devices throughout their life cycles, and while those numbers are unlikely to increase by too much more, the bulk of owners are very likely to take the plunge on next gen hardware over the coming years.

With the PlayStation 4 reportedly outselling the Xbox One by a ratio ofmore than 2:1, Microsoft took the measure of reducing the cost of its system to parity with Sony's console by removing the bundled Kinect sensor. With the new Kinect-free Xbox One hitting stores on June 9th, it's expected that the system will now see a major bump in sales for the duration of 2014 and beyond.

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