Next Gen Power Use May Surprise (and Concern) You


Next Gen Power Use May Surprise (and Concern) You
You might want to think twice about leaving the PS4 and XBO on standby...

As anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will know, the devices both offer a potentially time saving feature which puts them to "sleep" rather than powering them off, enabling users to jump into the game faster than ever, while also ensuring that the systems are able to perform certain tasks, like downloading updates or being accessed remotely (in the case of the PlayStation 4). However, that added functionality comes at a price, and it might surprise you to find out how steep it really is.

Unlike Nintendo's Wii U, which managed to reduce its power usage when compared to its predecessor, both the PS4 and Xbox One have increased dramatically in their power demands - and actually consume as much as twice the juice as their forebears.

The main issue seems to be the amount of power needed to keep the devices primed and ready to go while in standby mode, with the Xbox One eating up 15 watts of power despite looking like it's doing absolutely nothing - that's almost eight times as much as a traditional desktop PC in sleep mode... ouch.

So if you've been getting higher than expected power bills over the past six months, it might be worth actually turning your new console off, rather than leaving it in standby. It might mean it takes a little more time to power up, but over the cost of its lifetime it'll probably save you enough money to buy a couple of games!

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