NHL 14 Predicts Stanley Cup Winners


NHL 14 Predicts Stanley Cup Winners
Victory predicted for Boston Bruins...

It's that time of year again folks, where the fine guys and girls at EA Sports run their annual NHL playoff simulation and predict who'll take the Stanley Cup home.

Now that the regular season has drawn to a close and we know who'll be appearing in the playoff games, the picture is a lot clearer, but how does NHL 14 think it'll all pan out?

In the first round, the game predicts that both the Montreal Canadians and the New York Rangers will sweep their series' 4-0, while reigning champions, the Chigago Blackhawks, will go out in the second round in a seven game classic against Colorado Avalanche.

The predictions are all made using the internal logic of NHL 14, with players statistics and form taken into account as the simulated games are run to determine who emerges victorious.

NHL 14 is available now on PlayStation 3and Xbox 360, and has been labeled the most authentic hockey simulation of all time.

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