Nintendo Switch could be faster when docked


Nintendo Switch could be faster when docked

Nintendo has a new console set for release in 2017 called the Switch. So far the only confirmed reports we have come from a teaser video which looks like this.

Basically you can see that it combines a portable gaming console with a dock that can connect it to your TV. That effectively straddles what Ninty has been doing with the DS and Wii lines over the last few years into one unit, which is pretty neat. Plus those controllers looks extremely versatile, if not exactly comfortable.

Nintendo won't be revealing more officially until the new year but Eurogamer has dived into rumourville and tracked down some performance info. In this case, they've sussed out that the Switch could run significantly faster when it's docked with your TV.

This makes a lot of sense as it will be powering a bigger screen but it also suggests that the overall spec is pretty low. Still Nintendo isn't necessarily known for its gorgeously complex graphics, and a lower power portable could help extend the battery life.

We could see compromises in graphical quality, given that the games will have to run on the go and at home, but again Nintendo has a history of creating impressively stylised games on lower end hardware. It remains to be seen just how this will all pan out.

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