Nintendo Switch plays Skyrim and is out in March


Nintendo Switch plays Skyrim and is out in March

After months of teasing Nintendo has decided to show us what the NX is all about.

Firstly that was just a placeholder name as the final device is going to be called Nintendo Switch. It's a transforming console which can be docked with your TV and also used on the move, with a number of different configurations using removable controllers.

When it's connected to the TV you can use another external controller which looks quite like the current Pro Wii U model, or a combination of the controllers and what looks like a touch pad.

Away from the TV the Switch looks like a neat little tablet with two smaller controllers which slide onto the edges. There's a little pop out stand for easily using it hands free and the whole system takes cartridges for some nostalgic reason!

These little controllers are called Joy-Cons, because Japan, and they're pretty versatile as you can use them both at the same time, just one or even give the second to another person for local multiplayer.

You can see some gameplay from what looks like Skyrim so the system specs are going to be decent this time around, as well as some time with Mario and Splatoon in the cheery trailer.

The Nintendo Switch is coming in March 2017, more details as we get them.

Nintendo Switch plays Skyrim and is out in March on
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