Nintendo to Showcase New Hardware at E3?


Nintendo to Showcase New Hardware at E3?
Rumours abound about Nintendo's plans...

Countless reports are circulating the web today suggesting that Nintendo could be getting ready to showcase some brand new hardware at next month's E3, which takes place in Los Angeles between the 10th and 12th of June. The annual show is traditionally used as a major platform to showcase future games and hardware, however it's rare that a company manages to make any major hardware announcements that hasn't already been heavily tipped by the media months in advance, which makes this rumour all the more interesting.

Nintendo had previously announced that it's working on a new platform, however it's not the Wii U replacement that immediately springs to mind (and that's a good thing, given that the console hasn't evenbeen out for two years yet, and offers arguably the best software lineup of any system right now), but rather a "lifestyle" platform.

What exactly a lifestyle platform entails we're not sure of. Despite falling behind Sony and Microsoft in terms of hardware sales this generation, Nintendo has a record for true innovation (think the Wii's motion control, or the N64's revolutionary controller) so, far from being something dull and uninteresting, this could actually prove to be huge.

Whether it proves to be a new console or an all-new platform in a completely unique niche remains to be seen, but we'll be following this one all the way. Expect plenty more rumour in the coming weeks before E3 takes place.

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