Nintendo toying with idea of porting games to mobile devices


Nintendo toying with idea of porting games to mobile devices

Nintendo has had a rough couple of years, leading many to suggest that the company should port its games to mobile devices. The company has had one eye on the mobile market and recently filed a new patent for a game system emulator.

The new patent states that Nintendo has the ability to emulate its mobile gaming consoles (3DS, Gameboy, etc.) on mobile devices and even in seat-back displays in planes. While game system emulators exist on the Google Play Store, it would be great to see a console manufacturer take matters into their own hands.

Before anyone gets too excited, Nintendo has filed for patents like this in the past. This is basically a way for Nintendo to update patents. However, it is perhaps reassuring that Nintendo is still investigating the idea of emulation. And it would be quite novel to settle in for a long haul flight with Mario or Zelda on the in-flight TV.

Nintendo will have to investigate if emulation is worthwhile. Will smartphone users embrace classic titles? Will the company be able to make a mobile control scheme work? And is it simply nostalgia that has us hoping that Nintendo’s games will arrive on other platforms?

The company is turning its fortunes around and while the Wii U is still falling short of sales targets, its catalogue of must-have games is growing. The release of Mario Kart alone saw a significant increase in the amount of interest in the console. So, Nintendo may not have to resort to smartphone emulation just yet.

Nintendo toying with idea of porting games to mobile devices on
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