Nintendo's new console could finally work everywhere in the world!


Nintendo's new console could finally work everywhere in the world!

Nintendo makes amazing consoles and games but one of the major isues users have had is that consoles and games are generally region locked - so for example you couldn't buy a game in Japan and play it in your Irish Wii U.

That's a pain for a whole lot of reason - sometimes game release dates are staggered across the globe and its also often cheaper to be able to shop around for your titles.

Well early news on Nintendo's upcoming new console, codenamed the NX, is that it will be the first home machine which will be region-free at launch.

The info come from an investory Q&A with Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata, who said:

"Regarding NX, given the customer feedback and proposals from the market, while nothing has been decided yet, we're currently investigating internally what problems there would be in realising it. You can think of that as the current situation. I understand your desire, so I'd like to look at it optimistically going forward."

That's not an outright confirmation but it does make it sound like Nintendo is coming around to the idea that an open market for games is good for everyone - customers and company included.

However, it's not all good news - there's no real official word on the console, which isn't likely to arrive until at least 2016.

Nintendo`s new console could finally work everywhere in the world! on
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