No Man's Sky broken on PC- this patch might help


No Man's Sky broken on PC- this patch might help

It was no secret that the PlayStation 4 was the lead platform for the release of No Man's Sky last week, with the PC release delayed until the 12th of August. And there's more evidence stacking up everyday that this other version might not have been ready for public view.

The PC version of No Man's Sky is pretty darn broken. Now this isn't unusual really for a PC release- there are so many different configurations to account for that it's impossible to test for everyone's rig. Bear in mind that developer Hello Games consists of 15 people and the sheer scope and scale of the game and it's easy to see how things could have gone wrong.

Still players are understandably frustrated and the team is reponding as much as they can, with head honcho Sean Murray keeping the lines of communication open on Twitter.

You'll find word on some workarounds through that link but there's another option for players in the form of an experimental patch on Steam. Rather than the fully signed off and polished patches you'll find on consoles, Steam allows developers to push out beta patches to its users. It's not a stable release but if you're having major problems with the game it might still be worth trying. If it's already broken, how much worse can it get?!

The patch can be found in your Steam client- right click on No Man's Sky in your library list and go to PROPERTIES. Click on the tab marked BETAS and select CODE: 3EXPERIMENTAL from the list of betas.

Maybe you'll be back flying again!

No Man`s Sky broken on PC- this patch might help on
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