No Man's Sky Explorer Edition is utterly gorgeous and out now


No Man's Sky Explorer Edition is utterly gorgeous and out now

No Man's Sky is out on PC today, which means millions more potential players to tool around in their own unique universe.

While console fans didn't get much in the way of special editions for their release, PC folks are a lot luckier thanks to a set created by the folks at iam8bit which includes a die cast metal spaceship of your very own!

It really is a gorgeous model and comes with decals for your own personalisation and even a backdrop to make it look like its right in the game. Also in the pack are special items like a Traveller Pin, log book and a special Fisher pen which is pressurised and will totally work in space if you manage to get there!

Of course there's also a copy of the game, or at least a code to download it on Steam or GOG when it fully launches on PC, which is 6pm on Friday the 12th of August.

There are a bunch of other items available on the site for No Man's Sky, including posters, pins, t-shirts and a gorgeous 2 LP vinyl set.

Of course nothing this special comes cheap, and the set retails for $149.99. Just for fun, postage to Ireland costs a pretty whopping 60 quid and you're probably going to have to pay import duty and VAT as well. All in, it 's going to cost well over €200 to get this into your grubby paws, so have a think about how much you really want it!

No Man`s Sky Explorer Edition is utterly gorgeous and out now on
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